Happy Clients

Tapping into Gay’s vast experience and her focus on “the whole child” was like being handed CliffsNotes for parenting.
— Julie Ziegler

Every child needs a champion, and every parent could use a coach from time to time. Gay Cioffi is both. Gay uses her extensive experience -- teaching, observing, playing and creating with children -- to interpret the child's world for the parent. Her recommendations are always child-centered and family-focused. 

Working with Gay is like bringing in a friend of the whole family. Her work is inspiring and transformational. I know this because Gay was my daughter's first teacher. Her guidance and support during a tough parenting time in my own life made all the difference to our family, and I know many other families that have been hugely influenced by her wisdom. 

I've also used Gay as a "secret source" behind parenting questions for my advice column, so I owe her a debt of gratitude for making me look so smart over the years. I highly recommend her compassionate approach to a parent's thorniest problems.

—Amy Dickinson, "Ask Amy" advice columnist


Gay’s approach to early childhood development is wise, kind, psychologically astute and practical.  She understands the multi-layered challenges that today’s parents face, and she infuses her approach with soulful intelligence. Gay’s no-nonsense strategies help parents feel grounded and keep perspective. Our work with Gay during our children’s early years informs how we parent and has informed who our daughters are growing up to be.  She takes something that is immensely difficult and breaks it down to make it look easy. Her intuition is exceptional.  

— Elisabeth LaMotte, Washington, DC


Gay Cioffi helped me to discover new strategies for co-parenting with my ex-wife and how to navigate the challenges of a blended family. Her perspective and advice were invaluable during that transitional time. She imparts knowledge and advice in a way that is understandable, practical and effective. 

—  Julien Fernandez, Pescara, Italy

In her more than four decades of experience as an early childhood educator, Gay Cioffi truly has seen it all. Her wisdom, knowledge of best practices and non-judgmental advice were invaluable to our family as we stewarded our children through the early years. This included guidance on developmental trends, discipline, socialization and the best academic environment for our children to thrive. Tapping into Gay’s vast experience and her focus on “the whole child” was like being handed CliffsNotes for parenting.

— Julie Ziegler, Washington, DC


Gay doesn’t just dole out advice, she listens - really listens. Gay helped our family navigate vexing toddler sleep issues and the unexpectedly difficult transition my son faced after the arrival of a new sibling. She gently and patiently asked questions about our specific situation and helped us to recognize the big picture issues behind the problematic behavior. Not only does Gay understand little people, but she also understands parents - and helps the whole family feel supported.

— Susan Dunne, New York, NY

Gay’s expertise and experience as an early childhood educator are truly a gift to parents and children alike. She approaches issues and challenges of raising children with a calm warmth and presents grounded, real-world solutions.

— Mark Green, Washington, DC

What makes Gay a superb teacher is her deep understanding of children--and their parents. They trust her.  It's not only her decades of experience; it's her intuitive ability to evaluate, educate, and guide.  Plus, she's one of the most fun and enthusiastic people you'll ever meet.  In the words of Bob Dylan, she's “forever young."   



Gay was an extraordinary help to me and my family after we moved overseas and underwent a series of life changes. Alone in a new country with few friends and no set routine, my kids ages 4 and 5, were struggling. That changed when Gay stepped in and helped me turn our focus on the positives in our new situation, and how to take control. Gay provided practical, nonjudgmental and concrete advice, ending our session with a 3-step plan that worked wonders. 



Gay is a wonderful educator and friend who has supported and guided our family through important life events. She treats kids with respect and makes them feel special and unique. She's wonderful with grown ups as well, meeting conflict with open and honest communication. Coupled with her down-to-earth and warm personality, her many years as a teacher and preschool head make her a person you want to listen to when it comes to dealing with young children.